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What happens to all the letters kids send to Santa?

Santa writing a letter to a child

Well, now your child can find out. Santa offers a letter from Santa. Santa hopes his holiday letters will make your child's Christmas fun and exciting by creating one special memory after another.


Each letter is individually personalized with the information provided and personally signed by Santa.


Stationery and envelopes match but styles, designs and graphics may vary. If you have more than one child, they will each receive different stationery and wording.


Each Letter From Santa Includes:

  • A personalized and detail specific keepsake letter
  • A personalized message with your child’s name included
  • Letter signed by Santa in real ink
  • Different stationery and letter for multiple children
  • Colorful Stationery
  • Envelope personally addressed to the child
    Christmas themed postage, depending on availability
  • Smiles, thrills and memories for you and your family
  • Perhaps you would rather have Santa call your child


Santa offers this delightful treat, a phone call that is personalized. Santa will use their name, and names of family and friends to let your child know that Santa is always watching. This call can be to discuss school, encourage good behavior or congratulate a specific accomplishment. Please allow 24-48 hours for the call to be placed. If a special time is requested please include that in your email. Please note that Santa can't guarantee the call time, but will make every effort to try.

A Letter From Santa:

Reinforces and encourages good behavior

Helps build confidence and self-esteem

Helps maintain childhood innocence by keeping the belief in Santa alive


Joy is sharing the Christmas spirit!


Each letter is only six dollars and payments are accepted via PayPal, checks or money orders payable to Snowbelt Santa.

A personalized phone call from Santa costs only ten dollars for a five minute call.

Order below from October 1st through December 10th.


Parent's Name:
Parent's Phone:
Parent's Email:
Mailing Address:
Child's First Name:
Child's Age:
Call or Letter?
Reason For Letter or Call:
Any information Santa can include to make the letter or call more personal:

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